Do you want to specialize in United Nations Studies next year?

If you haven’t heard, the long anticipated United Nations Studies specialization has arrived at SIPA!
The 2014–2015 academic year marks a new chapter in United Nations Studies (UNS) at SIPA. Due to the hard work of UNS Director, Professor Elisabeth Lindenmayer, and the enthusiasm of committed students in the previous academic year, the SIPA administration, led by Dean Merit Janow, agreed to a more institutionalized structure for UNS. Now, for the first time in the history of SIPA, students are able to choose a specialization in UN Studies! Accordingly, the “co-curricular” status of the formerly known United Nations Studies Program was phased out, making way for the UNS specialization path of study, under the umbrella of the International Organizations (IO) specialization.

The new two-track option will see IO and UNS specializers taking the same “International Organizations” core course and choosing two courses among a menu of electives for either track, depending on the type and scope of international organizations that students wish to study. The department is also considering a course on writing techniques for UN drafts and resolutions, as well as a debate society to conduct mock UN simulations.Students that have selected to be UNS specializers come from diverse concentrations at SIPA, including Economic and Political DevelopmentInternational Security Policy and Urban and Social Policy, among others. This is reflective of the UN as the biggest global institution encompassing so many facets such as health, development, finance, human rights, communications and the environment. These myriad perspectives are sure to benefit the new UNS specialization and all involved look forward to a productive year ahead! (You may learn more about the specialization’s first semester by reading the Fall 2014 newsletter.)

The UNS specialization may be for applicants like you, if you’re interested in learning about global economic governance,how countries negotiate on resolutions, or discovering useful skills that can be successful in the UN.

Do you want to be a part of the new UNS specialization next year? (Or another one of the eight specializations to complement your policy concentration?) Then complete your application to SIPA by the deadline, February 5, 2015. (Note: Application forms don’t require you to select a specialization. You will choose your specialization after you’re admitted to SIPA.)

We look forward to receiving your materials and learning why you’re interested in pursuing your chosen concentration and/or specialization at SIPA!