The best way to email our office

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The fellowship deadline has past, and we’re working hard on assembling your application materials and reviewing completed applications. We can hardly wait to welcome the first members of the Class of 2017 to SIPA!

Before we can send out that first batch of decision letters, we have to ensure that your applications are complete. If you recall our recent post about application statuses, it takes a little legwork to get everyone organized. Thus, we’ve been receiving a large volume of email inquiries about submitted applications. To ensure we respond to your message in a timely fashion, we’re requesting that you email us with a subject line that clearly identifies the specific component of your application that you’re inquiring about. For example, instead of sending us a message with Question or Application in the subject line, please  send a message with My GRE scores or TOEFL Waiver Request for Reference No. 0555123456. By being direct with your subject line, you’ll help us triage your request faster so we can get you a response that much sooner.

Additionally, all emails should include your full, legal name and nine-digit application number. (There are a lot of Michaels, Jessicas and Yues out there!)

And don’t forget to review our recent blog posts before emailing or calling us. The Admissions Blog is truly chalk-full of valuable information! You may find these posts especially helpful:

For those still eager to apply, these posts should get you on the right track:

Don’t forget: our final application deadline is February 5, 2015. You can apply here!