About the application status page

Our inbox count as of January 7, 2014

Our inbox count as of January 7, 2014

As you can see in the screenshot above, there have been a lot of emails coming our way this week. (Please be patient with us; we’re answering them as fast as we can.) During this process, we’ve noticed that many of you are concerned about the status of your missing materials. To help alleviate some of those concerns, we’re answering some common questions right here.

But first, if you’ve submitted your application by the fellowship deadline, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve received it and your uploaded materials. It’s just taking us some time to process the applications and match up your uploaded records to your snail-mail papers and previously emailed materials. Sadly, there’s no magical solution to this. Our admissions staff actually have to review each application by hand, so it’s taking us a while to match up transcripts, recommendation letters and test scores.

To verify we’ve received your materials, please make sure you regularly check your status page. (You may check your status by logging in to your application here.) It’s your responsibility to ensure we’ve received your materials. While checking your status page, you may have noticed a few Xs on the page. We’ll explain what they mean below.

Your self-reported scores are all that is required to be submitted for the application. This alert is to notify our office to review the scores to ensure all sections are filled out. Once we have done so, this will be changed to “received” (shown as a green checkmark). We apologize for the confusion and you may see that this has been updated on your application status page.

You may see a screenshot of what your page looked like before we updated your file here:

GRE self reported scores received check


GRE score report X-2

 This is what your status page looks like after we’ve updated your file:

GRE self reported scores received check


GRE score report check



Specifically regarding TOEFL/IELTS scores…
If you haven’t submitted your self-reported TOEFL/IELTS scores, your status will look like this:

toefl x



After you’ve self-reported your scores, it’ll look like this:

toefl copy received



Note: If you are accepted and you choose to enroll at SIPA, you are required to submit your official test scores to our office for verification purposes. These scores should be sent to us directly from the testing center.

Uploaded your TOEFL/IELTS Scores, but can’t submit your application?
If you’ve self-reported your TOEFL/IELTS Scores, and you’re still seeing an and can’t submit your application, please email us with your name and application number and tell us you want us to submit the application on your behalf. (Sometimes the application system is slow and won’t update your status instantly.) After we hit submit no additional changes may be made to your application. So make sure your application is accurate and complete before you ask us to override it.

TOEFL/IELTS Waiver Request
While you may qualify for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver, our application system isn’t that smart, and doesn’t know that you’re not required to submit these scores. Note: We will only approve waivers for international applicants if the language of instruction was English for your four year Bachelor’s or international equivalent. After we receive your waiver (with supporting documents), it will be forwarded to the committee and you will receive notification of the decision in the order it was received. Each waiver is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and submission of the waiver does not guarantee approval. You can download a waiver request here. (So if you’re unsure if you’ll qualify, please make arrangements to take any necessary exams before the application deadline.)

In the meantime, you’ll see the following on your status page:

toefl x



After we’ve received your TOEFL/IELTS Waiver and it’s been approved, you’ll receive an email confirming the change in your status. Then, you can check your application portal and you’ll see this update to your account:

toefl waived



Missing Transcripts
We only require that you upload a copy of your transcript with your application. It is your responsibility to upload the document as part of your application. If for some reason you chose to mail us a hard copy, please note that it takes several weeks for us to receive it in the mail, scan it and match it to your application. So again, please be patient with us during this process. Note: If you are accepted and you choose to enroll at SIPA, you are required to submit your official transcript to our office for verification purposes. These transcripts should be sent to us directly from your academic institution.

Before uploading your transcript, your status will look like this:

transcript with x

After we’ve received an unofficial copy of your transcript you’ll see this:

transcript with copy received
Your recommender never got the email?
If your recommender still hasn’t received an email informing them to complete one on your behalf, please ask them to check their spam folders. If they still didn’t get it, contact us with the recommender’s name and email address and we will resend the email request from another email account. Sometimes, the application system emails go out into the ether and never return. But sending them an email from a secondary email account usually rectifies this and they’re able to submit the letter without any issues.

Uploading materials on your behalf
It is your responsibility to submit an application to the admissions committee. We cannot upload materials on your behalf. Please make sure that when you’re working on your application, that you take advantage of the online system and upload materials as needed. Any email requests to upload an essay, transcript or resume will not be granted at this time.

Can I replace a document after I submitted my application?
By this point, you should’ve reviewed your application materials prior to hitting the submit button. So unfortunately, we cannot edit your submitted application on your behalf. By doing so we would invalidate everything you’ve submitted and it would delay the process of submitting it to the admissions committee, and thus, delaying the reading of your application (and even making you ineligible for fellowship consideration).

Before you hit the “Submit Application” button, please make sure you review your application in its entirety. Any changes you wish to make after it’s been submitted cannot be made. You can find the preview button under the “Review” section of your application. It’ll look like this:

preview application


If you still have questions about the application process, please review these recent blog posts:

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And remember, if you missed the January 5, 2015 deadline, you can still make the final application deadline, which is February 5, 2015 (but you’re no longer eligible for fellowships).