Sharing thanks around the world

SIPA works to foster a community that is racially, culturally and intellectually diverse. Every year, SIPA is representing 75 or more countries, as our students bridge divide of language, culture and national origin. Nearly half of our 2014 class are international students. They hail from 87 different countries, calling Brazil, China, India, Pakistan and Sweden home. With SIPA’s world-renowned, globally-focused education, these students (and future classes) will influence dynamic change around the world. That’s something we at SIPA are truly thankful for—and there’s no better time to share thanks than now. While Thanksgiving is predominantly celebrated in Canada and the United States, there are plenty of things to be thankful for all around the world. Many countries celebrate their own harvest festivals, rituals and customs with a similar message of giving thanks. In honor of our diverse student body, faculty and staff, we thought we’d share a snapshot of what those celebrations look like across the globe. Here’s what those celebrations look like, near and far: