Why SIPA is the place for you

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We know selecting a graduate school is no easy task. There are several options each applicant must weigh to ensure they’re making the right decision for their future. SIPA appreciates the fact that everyone’s priorities and desires are multifaceted and evolving‑–and that’s something we understand quite well.

As the world’s first and most global public policy school, SIPA produces and shares new knowledge on the critical public policy challenges facing the global community. We train young leaders to engage multiple levels of governance and to reach effective solutions.

And those young leaders are creating real-world solutions as we speak. SIPA students and graduates are accomplishing so much in the global community, from developing dynamic Kickstarter projects for global news to teaching vocational training programs for HIV/AIDS affected communities overseas.

By showcasing outstanding “Seeple” accomplishments, we know you’ll get a glimpse into what your own future will hold at SIPA. Here’s a look at how our current students and graduates are becoming the global leaders of tomorrow, today:

Lauren Greubel, MPA ’15, traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan, to present at the First Global Forum on Youth Policies. She spoke about the importance of addressing needs of youth through education and engaging youth in the design of education systems.

Christina Hawatmeh, MIA ’14, was featured in the Village Voice this week for her startup, Protestify, which tracks protests around the world and connects activists, protesters and citizen journalists with professional journalists.

Todd Miner, MPA-ESP ’11, was honored with a NASPAA Spotlight Award for “outstanding contributions toward solving public-sector problems.” The award reflects Miner’s work as a director at Friends of Rockaway, in which he helped lead recovery efforts in one of the New York City neighborhoods hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Happy reading!