What’s with the Globe?

globe for blog

If you’re following us on Instagram, you may have a noticed a globe pop up in the photos from time to time. (Wait, you’re not following us on Instagram? Well, you should be! @Columbia.SIPA) The globe is our digital signature every time—well almost every time—the Admissions staff is attending an event and engaging with prospective students.

Those events may include college fairs, admissions lecturers, symposiums, campus-wide events, and more. So the next time you see the globe, you’ll know we were there helping prospects like yourself connect with current students and alumni, and answering your admissions-related questions. We also live-gram events—posting photos while the event is in progress—as a reminder to our NYC-based SIPA fans that there’s still time to stop by and enjoy the festivities.

So take a moment to stay connected to SIPA visually and follow us on Instagram this weekend! Just visit us here: @Columbia.SIPA, and tag us in your own photos whenever you can!