Technology and Policy at SIPA

You normally don’t correlate cyberspace with policy but contrary to belief, it is closely tied together.   I was reminded in a meeting today about all the great work SIPA is doing and the now many courses on the impact of technology on policy and cyber security issues.

SIPA was granted a $1 Million grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York to help link academics to policymakers.  SIPA will expand its role as a key global hub for research and consultation on policy.  Drawing on Carnegie support, SIPA will promote multi-disciplinary research in the growing area of cyber policy and internet governance, drawing together faculty from across the University and engaging them with senior practitioners in both the public and private sectors around the world.

“Because cyber security has become such a highly visible problem for governments, companies, and individuals, the development of cyber policy and governance is a high priority,” said Dean Merit E. Janow.

“As the hub of global policy studies at Columbia, SIPA is well-positioned to draw upon leading thinkers at Columbia University and around the world and bring scholars and practitioners together across disciplines to generate fresh ideas and policy recommendations,” said Dean Janow.

Among other initial activities, the grant will be used to support two of SIPA’s newest scholars—Herb Lin, a senior fellow in cybersecurity, and Andrew McLaughlin, a senior fellow in technology and public policy.