Interested in a Columbia University Interschool Fellowships?

Each year, Columbia makes a few scholarships and fellowships available to students from all schools within the University. These awards, known as Interschool Fellowships, are the result of donations from generous supporters of the University and tend to have very specific eligibility criteria. To see if you may meet the eligibility criteria required to apply for these awards, please review them at:

If you meet the full criteria for one or more of these Interschool Fellowships, to apply please go to:

Please do not apply for an award for which you do not meet all criteria. Applications that do not meet the full criteria, or applications that are incomplete, will not be accepted. If there is any required documentation indicated for the award/s for which you are applying, please submit that to the SIPA Financial Aid Office by Monday June 16.

As these awards are for Columbia students University-wide, SIPA does not choose the recipients, we can only nominate eligible applicants. Decisions are made by central administration, and those decisions are final. Decisions will be made in mid-August.

Please submit all applications to the SIPA Financial Aid Office no later than the close of business, Monday June 16, so that we can properly review all applications.