A Little Planning Goes A Long Way: How To Maximize Your SIPA Experience From Day One

You have been accepted to SIPA and have decided to attend. Your housing has been secured and your concentration and specialization have been selected. You are now ready to embark on the first year of SIPA. But before you finalize your class schedule and show up for orientation, it is essential to recognize that maximizing your graduate school experience begins on day one. Luckily, we have these tips from SIPA veterans on how to make every moment of your first year count.


Take Professional Development During Your First Semester

This way, you will take the course with the majority of your classmates and will be able to use the skills taught for your internship search and informational interviews right away.


Consider Enrolling In Core Requirements During Your First Year

Though many students grumble about delving into economics and statistics, completing these courses right away will make you eligible to enroll in courses for which these are prerequisites. Again, the majority of your classmates will choose to take these courses early on, making it easier to find study partners and notes from that lecture you slept through.


Start Looking For Summer Internships…Now

Though August and September may be too early to start application processes for these coveted positions, it is important to think about what ideally you want to be doing this summer from the get-go. Start by calling SIPA alums who have taken your desired path, having career services edit your resume, and taking the time to research possible opportunities online and through SIPALink.


Get Involved

Now is the time to explore different clubs and organizations that interest you. Joining these groups are a fantastic way to meet your new classmates and explore professional opportunities with like-minded peers. Especially because life at SIPA quickly gets very busy, join these groups and become committed to them before you’re drowning in reading and midterms. ​