Follies 2014: Coming Soon


Hello everybody! We (the Admissions PA’s) wanted to share a little bit of what is going on at SIPA right now. As you might have read in the news, the weather has been ruthless this winter and we were covered in snow for a few days. Not fun. But despite all of this, and the fact that we almost froze on the way to school, we are all here ready to enjoy the semester!

One of the most beloved SIPA traditions is SIPA Follies, an annual variety show of skits, songs, and parodies, organized  by second year students depicting  life at SIPA with lots of humor. Some students think of it as the “alternative” to class presentations and it is an opportunity to let loose for a bit. Some of the skits are so scandalous that they are never put online! (#WishIwaskidding). Of course, you can have a taste of one of the more “appropriate” ones here 🙂

Last year, Follies was superb and set very high standards. This year, we are ALL up for the challenge and in order to make this year’s Follies even more amazing,  students will auction ethnic dinners, private yoga classes, salsa nights, and even half- marathon training. Even some professors have offered up some of their time to be offered on the auction block. See? Everyone at SIPA is committed to support the cause: For a better and more hilarious Follies in 2014!