Is my application complete?

It is that time of year again when we receive calls and emails regarding application status with the same one liner, “is my application complete?

Here are some few easy steps to check your application status (after you have “submitted”) that will ease your stress and give you peace of mind while you wait for the ‘decision’.

We will use Maggie Pittman’s application as a reference – No worries, it’s a fabricated application that we created for this blog post.

Step 1: Breathe. Now, let’s begin.

Step 2: Log into your application.  Already removed the link from your bookmarks, no worries, click here.  The link will take you to this page (see below).

Step 3:  Access your application status page.  Select “Log in” under Returning users and enter your application log in information.

You will be directed to the page below. Click Fall 2014 and then click “open application” in the pop up window.


Step 4: Check Application Status.

You will be automatically directed to the “Application Status” page, which will indicate if any document(s) are missing. Our example below shows that there are recommendation letters missing (as indicated by the red “x” marks).  If the application is complete – the “” marks will be green:


If you have missing documents, please submit as soon as possible.

We will accept letters of recommendation and self-reported GRE/GMAT scores past the deadline, within reason, so that your application can be completed and forwarded to the Committee for review. However, we cannot guarantee materials received after the February 5th deadline will be reviewed.  If a recommendation letter is missing, it is usually fine and should not impact the decision if it is received a little later.


If you do not have missing documents, take a deep breath and smile – your application is complete and is being reviewed by the Admissions Committee as we speak.

Step 5: Once your application is complete…do the happy dance!