a winter wonderland

A snowstorm in New York City can be enchanting, especially when viewed from indoors! However, it is not in our nature to stay put for long and the show must go on! So, we New Yorkers bundle up and do our best to traverse the snow banks that have replaced the street curbs and sidewalks, keep upright on the ice (lifehacker tip: walk like a penguin!) and keep fingers/toes from freezing. Temperatures today hover in the teens (12 degrees right now) and the wind that whips across Morningside Park, between the streets and avenues all over the area can take your breath away, literally!

While these pictures were taken personally, the Gothamist’s piece “enchanting new photos prove polar vortex snowstorm was totally worth it” features some great ones.  Be sure to watch this gorgeous black and white video of the snowstorm in Morningside Heights too!

winter collage 3