aye carumba!

Application materials continue to come in… flooding our mailboxes.  We receive a lot of paper for an application that allows applicants to upload everything electronically.  These documents will all be processed and uploaded into the applicants’ files.

We continue to respond to emails and voice mails — proudly I can say we are finally all caught up, which means that there are no email/voice mails sitting in our main SIPA Admissions mailbox for more than 24 hours — a huge feat during this BUSY season with messages hitting us day and night.  We are lucky to have super students and admissions counselors responding to them as quickly as they can — because we all know how frustrating it can be to wait for a response when you are trying to decide what to upload into your application.  Hopefully we can stay at this pace for the next few months.

To help us comb through the paper and emails faster, please do not send any additional supplemental materials that we do not require from you.  And again, official documents do not need to be submitted for your application to be reviewed.  You may submit copies.  Official documents are only required if you have been admitted into our program.  Also, it will be helpful if you send us an email attachment with materials, to include your name and the program you are applying in the subject line.  Many thanks.

Reading process has started and is going well with our new application system — Readers seem to be happier; it’s always better to have a happy reader.  Looking forward to getting through some of my reads this week (happily).