MIA/MPA Application with fellowship consideration deadline is tonight

The SIPA MIA/MPA application deadline for fellowship consideration is tonight [at 23:59:59 EST].  Everyone who submits a completed application by this time will be automatically considered for merit funding.    Upon submission of your admission application you will find 17 additional scholarship opportunities that you may also apply for if you meet their eligibility requirements.  The deadline for these additional scholarships are due on January 27.  Remember the admissions FINAL application deadline is February 5.

If you self-reported your standardized test scores and your application does not indicate scores received; don’t panic.  Your status will be updated soon.

Recommendation letters should be submitted by the deadline.  If your recommender is having problems accessing the link to upload their letters please have them email it (as an attachment) directly to us.  We do not need to receive a hard copy of the letter sent by courier.

When reviewing your application proof, we have heard some applicants have found that in the Education section, “English is the primary language of instruction” may not correctly reflect their application.  No worries here — We see your application response — not what is reflected in the proof.

If you have requested past materials to be carried over into your fall 2014 application, we are working on moving them — unfortunately, it requires a bit more time during this busy season.

Good luck.