The Morningside Post- SIPA’s Student Newspaper

Every institution of higher learning needs a free press, and Columbia University is fortunate enough to have a number of student publications informing and engaging the student community. The Morningside Post, SIPA’s student-run newspaper, is one such news outlet.

Established in 2004, The Morningside Post focuses on covering the SIPA community and Morningside Heights, but also delves into national and international issues of interest to its readers. Last school year, TMP covered TEDxSIPA, the school’s choice of hiring Dean Merit Janow, and Follies, SIPA’s annual comedy show (p.s. you MUST watch this video from last year’s show), as well as the day-to-day happenings inside the International Affairs Building.

TMP’s editors are always looking for new writers, and encourage all members of the SIPA community to get involved in the publication. There are regular writers, op-ed contributors, cartoonists, and photographers that help make the paper run smoothly. Students are always welcome to pitch stories.  A number of TMP writers are involved in the IMAC (international media, advocacy and communication) specialization, and there is also a class students can take that allows you to write for the paper for credit.

The paper has certainly been successful in reaching readers outside of SIPA; some of its articles have been picked up by  The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, International Policy Digest, Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and Global Voices Online. All prospective students should take a look at TMP’s website and get an inside look of what’s happening at SIPA!