Things Not To Do When You’re Applying To SIPA

We know that you’re really excited about your application to SIPA. We are too! However, there are a few things when you are applying that we want to strongly caution against. Please, for your sake and ours, heed this advice. It will only help your chances of gaining an acceptance letter from us.

  1. Do not send extra materials to us. We know that you are thrilled with your writing portfolio, or that the powerpoint presentation you made to your company went swimmingly. Unfortunately, with the number of applicants we have, there is simply not enough time to go through any additional materials, no matter how riveting they may be. Please refrain from sending anything that we don’t specifically ask for.
  2. When we ask for a quantitative resume, please don’t send us another version of your professional resume.  These two documents are meant to provide us with different information. Please ensure that the quantitative information that we ask for is on a separate sheet from the professional information. This attention to detail goes a long way in the admissions process.
  3. Make sure you list which school you are applying for and what term.  We want to make sure that we’re accepting you for the right program and for the right semester.
  4. Send us three, count ‘em, three letter of recommendations.  No more. No less. We KNOW that you have 15 different people who can sing your praises, but we only need to hear from three of them.
  5. No gifts, please!  While we thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness, the SIPA Admissions committee cannot accept gifts of any kind.

Following these very simple tips will only help you in the process, and as always, we’re looking forward to reading your applications.