SIPA Offices: Which Office Is Responsible For What Service?

SIPA has a host of resources available for its students. However, sometimes a SIPA student will run into trouble tracking down which office he or she is looking for. We have made this process a little easier with the list below, which outlines each office and what its function is.

Dean’s Office: Located on the 14th floor of IAB, SIPA’s Dean’s Office is the hub for all key internal and external SIPA endeavors.  

Office of Career Services (OCS):  Everyone comes to SIPA to either enhance his or her career or jump start a new one. Therefore, it is critical that new students acquaint themselves with the Office of Career Services (OCS), located on the 4th floor of the IAB in room 420. OCS provides career counseling, resources, and general guidance to students during their internship and job searches. Stop by and see Meg Heenehan, the executive director of SIPA’s career services, or a member of her staff for sage counsel on your next strategic career move.

Communications & External Affairs Office: The Communications and External Affairs Office, or the CXR unit, is responsible for building and maintaining SIPA’s brand. The office manages high-level events, print publications, in addition to the school website, newsletters, videos, advertising, market research, official communications, and alumni relations (including events, programs, governance, and communications). If you’re enjoying SIPA’s new spiffy, easy-to-use website, you can thank the CXR unit.

Alumni Affairs Office: Within a two-year time span, every current SIPA student will become an alumnus of these hallowed IAB halls. After donning their light blue robes and receiving their diplomas, former students will have the pleasure of staying in contact with the school primarily through the Alumni Affairs Office. The office’s primary role is to build and manage relationships with SIPA alumni and bridge the gap between current students and their alumni counterparts. There is also a great student/alumni mentoring program through this office that all current students should look into.

Office of Academic Affairs: Love your adjunct professor? Think that SIPA’s core curriculum is awesome? You have the Office of Academic Affairs to thank. This Office is responsible for all things related to SIPA’s curriculum development, faculty recruitment, concentration and specialization structuring, and a host of other details pertaining to students’ academic experiences. The beloved capstone projects are products of the Office of Academic Affairs.

Information Technology (SIPAIT):  SIPAIT serves as a resource to, and provides support for students, staff and faculty. Network Security and Systems teams are responsible for research, deployment, and support of new technologies within the SIPA environment. MySIPA Citrix Portal is the gateway for students to access applications and data on the SIPA network remotely. Each user is issued a SIPA Network ID by the network group for use during the term s/he is registered at SIPA. Software related troubleshooting is done by the Student Services group. The student labs and computing support for faculty and staff is provided by the Systems team. The Audio Visual team (SIPA AV) provides support for the SIPA electronic classrooms (E-rooms), self-service classrooms and events. The IT operation manages the student labs – open 7 days a week during the academic year – and support student services.

Office of Student Affairs (OSA): Serving the largest and most diverse student population of International and Public Affairs schools, the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA provides programs and services that enhance the student experience in and out of the classroom. We do this through our orientation of new students, academic advising and registration services, student life programming, and degree certification and graduation exercises. From orientation through graduation, we are committed to guiding our students through any academic or personal challenges relating to their tenure at SIPA.

And last but not least….

Admissions & Financial Aid:  All students begin their SIPA journeys through the admissions office; the staff here is responsible for reviewing all applications and discerning which prospective candidates would be the best fit for the school. Each Admissions counselor that you meet with will discuss your past experience, your current circumstances and most importantly, what you want to do after SIPA. I suggest that you review the website to learn about the programs, curriculum and are familiar with the admissions information before calling or visiting so you have the opportunity to ask more specific questions that pertain to you. However, we are more than happy to provide the information and give recommendations for further research.

Once you’ve been through the admissions process, have been accepted and have chosen to enroll, you can still stop by the Admissions and Financial Aid office if you have questions about paying for SIPA. Three (wonderful) financial aid officers are available to meet with students about their personal payment plans and scholarship opportunities, both through the school and through outside funding. It’s important to note that all student billing and payments are through the Student Financial Services office in Kent Hall and NOT through SIPA’s Financial Aid office.