It’s not a duel but rather a dual degree

​If you are a student hoping to complement your international relations and public affairs education, you may be interested in  SIPA’s dual degree programs.  SIPA has longstanding partnerships with a number of Columbia’s graduate schools.

Over  the years SIPA has formed partnerships with other schools within the Columbia community and around the world  to offer students a slew of opportunities to explore their intellectual curiosity. From Journalism to Law, to Business, SIPA students have the opportunity  to study in different graduate schools at Columbia or travel around the world to study in places like Japan, Cairo, France, UK among others. Because each program has different requirements and core curriculum classes that must be satisfied, we advise you become familiar with each  schools’ application, guidelines, requirements and the deadlines to apply.

To qualify as a Columbia University dual degree student, SIPA students must apply to each school (program of interest) separately in which SIPA has an accredited dual degree partnership.  Students must be accepted to both programs in order to qualify for dual degree eligibility. 

Below are some important facts to note about the dual degree process.

  • Dual degree applicants will receive admissions decisions separately. Students at Columbia University can only be enrolled at one school at a time.  If an applicant is admitted to both schools, they  should speak with the Dean of Student Affairs or an academic advisor at each school to determine the best school at which to begin their studies.  If an applicant is admitted to one school but not the other, they may enroll at the school they have been independently admitted to and then reapply to the other if they wish to make another attempt at pursuing a dual degree at Columbia.
  • While we generally advise applicants to apply to both programs of interest for the same semester and then enroll accordingly, students already enrolled in a participating Columbia dual degree program may apply to SIPA during their first semester of study in the first program.
  • Not all programs are the same length (i.e. 1 year or 2 years or 3 years) so review the web page that is specific to each program (see below for list of dual degree options).
  • SIPA does not participate in dual programs that are not already listed on our website. This refers to other programs within Columbia University and other domestic schools (non-Columbia University).  For a full list of our dual degree programs, please click here.

As you decide whether or not to pursue a dual degree at Columbia University, you may find it helpful to see who is pursuing a dual degree.  Take a look at some of our dual degree SIPA student profiles here.