New Student Photo Series – post 10

Through the summer we also received a few profile photos for our New Student Photo Series from the incoming class.  We thought it would be nice to add them to the post since you may hear from them through the year on our Blog about their experiences at SIPA as a first-year student.  (I hope you guys are reading this post so you know what our expectations will be for you :).)


Trae Watson, MIA 2015 North Carolina, USA

I participated in the Humanities in Action Fellowship program (sponsored by the Council for Foreign Relations) to focus on human rights and diversity issues in Denmark from May 27th to June 30. The program brings together international groups of university student Fellows to study minority rights and to produce original research that engage young people in the histories of resistance and to inspire them to fulfill their moral responsibilities to protect those in danger from institutionalized violations of minority rights.


Photograph was taken outside of Hamlets Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ning Wang, MPA 2015 Beijing, People Republic of China








Photograph was taken in Yuyuantan Park, Beijing


Melissa Persaud, MPA-DP 2015 New Jersey, USA

Melissa Henna

This photo was taken in Garoua, Cameroon. I served in Cameroon as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 2011-2013.  In the photo I’m getting the Cameroonian version of henna, which is done for holidays and celebrations. We are at my friend Soureya’s house and she created this shelter for me so I wouldn’t sweat in the hot hot sun.




Mu-Chen (Esther) Yu, MPA 2015 Taichung, Taiwan



This photo was taken at a local beach in Long Island.  I was with other SIPA students who had also arrived early —  As  international students, we arrived at SIPA on 7/15.