New Student Photo Series — Post 6

Rudaba Zehra Nasir, MPA-DP 2015, has worked in Pakistan, India, Germany, Nigeria, Ecuador, and South Africa on various research and international development projects. She just returned from Chaquizhca, Ecuador where she was working with the Tropical Disease Institute to combat Chagas disease.  Rudaba planned and implemented a health and communication project, which involved primary school children in discussions, drawing, theater, and wall painting activities to help them and their families adopt healthy, Chagas-free lifestyles.

In the pictures below, you can see the school wall in its original condition and how it looks after being painted with the children’s visions of a better Chaquizhca. The fourth picture is from the children’s theater skit, which was designed and performed by the children to highlight steps the community can take to realize the children’s visions.

Wall stage 1

Painting Children standing in front of the wall to inaugurate it






Theater with the children (3)




























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