In the “spirit” of graduation

You already know that SIPA students work hard, but did you know that we play hard too? SIPA students enjoy our cocktails (in moderation, of course) so when the admissions staff asked me to write a lighthearted post to celebrate our graduation this week.  I created these signature cocktails based on SIPA’s concentrations.


Urban & Social Policy (USP) – a SIPA Manhattan

Inspired by the best city in world, with some international flavor.

3/4 oz Martini and Rossi sweet vermouth (Italian)

2 1/2 oz Mogul Monarch Indian Whiskey

1 dash Angostura® bitters (Invented in Venezuela, manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago)

1 maraschino cherry

1 twist orange peel


Human Rights (HR) – This drink is a modified version of a cocktail known as a Genocide. (The things I google for this blog.) Besides having a terribly offensive name, the drink sounds disgusting. I changed some ingredients to mitigate the awfulness of the genocide, which is what our HR concentrators do!

2 oz. Vodka

2 oz. Cherry brandy

2 oz. Amaretto Di Saronno

2 oz. White rum

fill With Lemon/Lime Soda

To Taste Sour mix


Energy and Environment (EE) 

Red Bull (Energy) and Gin (Botanical for the Environment)

Proportions to taste.


Economic & Political Development (EPD) –  Shooter, modified version of a Southern Palm

.2 oz Everclear

.4 oz Peppermint Schnapps

.4 oz Drambuie Liqueur


International Security Policy (ISP) – This is actually really good, it tastes like a peach Jolly Ranger


Seagram’s Gin

Peach Schnapps

Add club soda to taste


International Finance and Economic Policy (IFEP) –  Also known as a glitter bomb. I thought a cocktail based around a Swiss liquor with flakes of gold in it was fitting for our finance friends. Plus the energy drink can help you stay up all night studying advanced econ!

A single shot of Goldschlagger dropped into a glass of Red Bull.


Please enjoy your concentration responsibly and congratulations to all my classmates!


-courtesy of Nancy Leeds, SIPA MPA 2013 graduate and blogger extrodinaire