SIPA 2013 Graduation

It’s a very exciting time of year again. People from around the world arrive on the Columbia University campus this week to celebrate with their friends and family at Commencement.

President Lee C. Bollinger will give the University Commencement address on Wednesday, May 22nd.  Each individual school will also feature a commencement speaker at their graduation ceremonies.

georgeSIPA will feature George Stephanopoulos, CC’82 as the 2013 graduation speaker on Thursday, May 23.  He served as a political advisor and taught at Columbia & SIPA after leaving the Clinton Administration in 1996. Today Stephanopoulos is best known as a co-anchor of Good Morning America, host of This Week with George Stephanopoulos and chief political correspondent and co-anchor of special events for the ABC network.

You may watch the SIPA graduation live on Thursday starting at 10:45 am EDT.