an Arts initiative

In my last post I wrote a about the myriad of opportunities available to students on Columbia’s campus, but of course one of the greatest advantages of coming to SIPA is that you get to live in New York City! I could write a whole blog post about the career related activities and internship opportunities available to SIPA students here in our fair city, and in fact I very well may, but all work and no play makes Nancy a dull grad student.

If you plan on coming to SIPA, you should definitely know about CU Arts Initiative. The CU Arts homepage ( describes it as a “pioneering venture to make art and culture a meaningful part of every Columbian’s experience.” To me, it’s a great way to find out what’s going on in New York and an even better way to score discount tickets.  Columbia students have ongoing discounts to such New York institutions as the Metropolitan Opera, the Museum of Modern Art and the Bronx Zoo.  You can also buy discounted movie tickets and receive special pricing on tickets to Broadway (and Off-Broadway shows). I just went to see Newsies for ½ of the published ticket price!  You can also use CUArts to reserve performance space, promote your own on or off campus cultural event and find out about events happening at the university.  Check them out here.