the clock is ticking

we’re actively reviewing applications — unfortunately, keeping you abreast of our daily activities was put on hold (not on purpose — we lost track of what day it was ).  with hopes of releasing decisions beginning on march 18th, we are  identifying all the candidates who would be a great fit at SIPA and those who we have to unfortunately turn away this year.

during our application review process, we are also evaluating candidates (who have applied by the fellowship deadline and those who have submitted the separate SIPA scholarship application) for a SIPA award/fellowship.  unfortunately, SIPA does not award as many fellowships to entering first year students as we do for our second year students.  you would think that with so little money to offer, the task of giving it away would be easy… but in reality it only makes it that much tougher because we want to give money to so many qualified applicants.  so we only hope those we admit without funding will still come and make SIPA and new york their home for at least two years.  luckily, our second year funding is much larger so the opportunity to receive a second year award is that much greater.  in the meantime, you should also check out various external scholarship sites such as the one posted on the APSIA website.

the review process continues… stay tuned…. and breathe.