Did you receive…?

We have received a number of frantic emails and calls asking if we have received a document or two that was mailed to our office.  I can completely sympathize with the concern especially if it is the last piece of material keeping your application from being reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

But please be patient — We are trying to process and match these documents to your application.  Unfortunately, we receive hundreds of documents each week around the application deadline period; each document must be manually processed.  Apologies for the delay.  For your convenience (and ours), you should upload your documents directly to the online application — official documents are only needed if you are admitted and plan to enroll in the program.  So when you call or email us asking about your “missing” document, we most likely have it (if you emailed us the attachment or mailed it through a reliable carrier) but we are still sorting through the mountain of papers so that’s probably why we have not uploaded or updated your application status yet.


Don’t worry.  We do not leave applications unread (unless you purposely did not complete it).  Happy Friday :).