the “INCOMPLETE” email mystery

If you submitted your application for the January 5th  (January 20th for MPA-DP) deadline, but sent pieces of your application by snail mail or by email, and your application status still states “incomplete”; rest assured if all pieces of your application were either submitted electronically or postmarked by the fellowship consideration deadline you will still be eligible for funding consideration.

If you have received an email notification stating that items may have not been received and your file is not complete.  Please do not panic!  This message is system generated so we request that you review your online SIPA application and drop us a quick email ( if you believe you received this message in error (please put your name and the word “incomplete” in the subject line).   In many cases, your submitted materials are in our possession but still need to be processed and it will just be a matter of time for your record to be updated.   In other situations, your materials did not reach our office so   monitoring your application status is always a wise thing to do.  We will work with you to resolve these issues but we do request your patience.

Looking forward to processing your applications!