a glance through the applicants of 2013

We are still busy processing (i.e. matching hard copy and soft copy materials)  the applications that were submitted by the first MIA/MPA application deadline…. and since our deadline this year was moved to February 5th, the processing will not stop for weeks to come.

Each year we think of new ways to motivate the troops (besides the promise of bringing in a great class at the end, and all the jolly ranchers and mint candies you can eat); we think of other ways to stay motivated especially when we are greeted at the door with stacks of applications to process in the morning.  This year one of our PA’s came up with the SMILEY.  It keeps track of our daily completion processing goals.  Cute eh?

You may be wondering who is applying to SIPA  this year.   With a few weeks left before our final application deadline, here is a snippet of who submitted an application to the SIPA MIA/MPA program by the first deadline…

Approximately 55% of you indicated you are a citizen of a country other than the United States –over 90 countries are currently represented in the applicant pool (the most coming from China, India, South Korea, Japan and Mexico).  Thirty-two percent of U.S. citizens identified themselves (those who reported this information) as not white/Caucasian.   And of all the applicants who submitted by January 7th, 62% are women.