uploading a recommendation letter

First apologies to all the recommenders who experienced trouble submitting a reference letter on your behalf.  Our application system allows little flexibility to bypass its requirements and thus has created headaches for some.  Hopefully, next year it will be better but for now, it’s what we must endure.

For security purposes, it requires that once the system is initially accessed using the information provided, it will prompt the recommender to create an entirely NEW password in order to enter the system. This is (clearly) not a very intuitive method and unfortunately we have little control over this.   If the recommender uses the original password, s/he will not be able to access the recommendation form.  Also, we recommend using Internet Explorer as the browser; for whatever reason there are less access issues when using IE.

If you or your recommender is unable to receive the technical support needed to get through the system, then please have the reference sent as an email attachment to sipa_admission@columbia.edu.  We will update the applicant’s file once it’s received and processed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your participation during this process!