The Land of Opportunities

Any given week at SIPA is a special week. From government leaders to NGO managers and social entrepreneurs, our beloved building is bustling with fascinating talks and events lead by some of the most talented people out there. Ideas ran across the hallways, bringing students together to do research on projects going from extractive industries in Peru, to water and sanitation services in rural Ethiopia or micro-finance in Northeastern Brazil. The most amazing part of this reality is that the vast majority of these initiatives are student led.

SIPA is a place where you can thrive and do what you have always wanted to. If you have good ideas, good teammates and commitment, the school has the structure to make it happen. Faculty members are available to provide guidance and advice on research projects; the different student associations are there to support all sorts of field trips and events; and the overall environment at the school is incredibly stimulating.

Just this semester I have had the opportunity to take part on small discussion sessions with some of Latin America’s leading policy-makers including Sergio Fajardo, Antioquia’s current Governor; Alejandro Poiré, Mexico’s current Government Secretary; and Karen Poniachik, former Chilean Minister of Mining. And because the day can only have 24 hours I have had to miss events such as a talk with the President of the Republic of Liberia, the presentation of the World Bank 2013 World Development Report, and several film screenings, photo exhibits and workshops.

With this exhilarating offer of events, something that you will be missing here is some extra time to fit more of these opportunities in your agenda. SIPA is a fast moving, intellectually challenging place with an international, public and cultural offer that will not let you down. There are also the endless concerts, exhibitions and bars in New York City; prepare yourself for some busy days in this wonderful island!

So, for those of you who will be joining us in January, get some rest and be ready to take advantage of the amazing two years to come. Those of you currently preparing your application for fall 2013, hang in there, it will be worth it.


Blog post submitted by Mariana Costa Checa.  Mariana is a second year student in the MPA in Development Practice program at SIPA.