Funding your education at SIPA – part 2

While a limited number of SIPA admits are offered direct funding (for year one), a higher percentage of SIPA students – typically half or more – are funded for their second year of study.  Currently, the average second year award is an assistantship that provides approximately half of tuition, and consists of both tuition credits (a scholarship) and salary for part-time employment at SIPA.  Some students with assistantships work in SIPA offices or as research assistants with academic departments, institutes or faculty; others are appointed as teaching assistants, and those TA positions pay more and also include a stipend payment at the start of each term for indirect expenses such as textbooks and living expenses.

Some first year students will receive a renewable scholarship, and if qualified may also receive an assistantship in addition to their scholarship in their second year of study.

The application deadline for second year awards is typically late February or early March, and the Office of Student Affairs will hold an information session prior to that, early in the spring semester, at which you will have the opportunity to learn more about available positions, eligibility criteria, and the selection process.