Thinking about applying to SIPA?

HAPPY FRIDAY!  As many of you know already, we are making available again a J-Term for all those enthusiastic prospective students who have been pushing to start in January, instead of waiting a whole year.  If you missed this news flash (only announced this summer), and you want to be considered for the class that begins January 2013, there’s still time to complete your application.

Yes, the October 15 deadline is around the corner but we will continue to review applications past the deadline.  We will give priority to those who submit their completed application by the deadline date.  And remember we do not need official documents to review your application.  You may upload student copies of your transcript and self report your test scores (which you receive immediately after you complete the exam).  Contact our office if you wish to be considered for the January class but think there may be a slight delay in your application submission… or if you just want to chat.