New Student Photo Series 2012 — Post #10 (Orientation Week)

We had a rather quiet summer after saying goodbye to our 2012 graduates in May.  You know the summer  is over once the hallways begin to buzz with chatter in 44 different languages.

The SIPA MIA/MPA Orientation week got underway on Monday.  We welcomed over 400 enthusiastic new students to New York from all over the world.  Students, faculty and administrators were introduced to one another over briefings, peer/faculty advising, lunches, program sessions, math camp, and various social activities throughout the week.  Today they register for fall classes and on September 4th, classes begin.

But before we close the summer, below are a few photos from our new arrivals — our final photo postings for 2012.   Enjoy!


The first set of photos were submitted by Aline Sara, MIA 2014.  The photos were taken in Cairo, Egypt, during the country’s historic  first presidential election since Mubarak’s toppling during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. It is also the second presidential election in Egypt’s history with more than a single candidate.


My colleague Fernande, along with some locals, on the way to the polling station. The sign above reads Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate who won the election run-off against candidate Ahmad Shafiq, considered a remnant of the former regime.

Kids hang out while waiting for the boat that takes them back to Cairo for a meager 25 Egyptian piasters . (USD 1= EGP 6)










The second set was sent to us by Dhwani Bafna, an incoming MIA student.  The photographs were taken during a class trip to Sikkim, a north-east Indian state in January 2010.


We were lucky enough to get a permission to spend a few hours with the Army personnel at the base. We were shown some of the arms and ammunition. The army men also showed us their residential units and the conference room where the Indian and Chinese officials generally meet.


A picture of the Khecheopalri Lake in Pelling, Sikkim.








The third (and final) photo submission comes from Jiayu Chen, MIA degree candidate.


On the Beach of Batukalas: not a well known island in Indonesia, but it was definitely heaven to me: beach, sunshine, surfing, bear, and friends!










Tibet: A toast with an Tibetan old father. 









The Night Train to the Mountains: We were heading for a under-developed mountain region for a voluntary teaching project.

The night train was also full of people who bought a “standing” ticket and had to stand during the 3 days/2 nights trip back to their hometown: This is part of China that is often neglected by those who are amazed or terrified by China’s rise.