New Student Photo Series 2012 – Post #9

Orientation begins today for our first-year MPA in Development Practice students.  WELCOME to SIPA!!! 


Today’s photographs were submitted by Houda Sahyoun, a new MPA-DP student and Zinash Seyoum, an incoming MIA stdent.


Z. Seyoum:

A group of Marabou Stork watching over Lake Hawassa, in the city of Hawassa, Ethiopia.







Home to Emperor Fasilides and his successors in the late 16th and 17th centuries, this castle is located in Fasil Ghebbi, a fortress-enclosure in Gondar, Ethiopia.






The Blue Nile Falls, known as ‘Tis Abay’ (smoking water) in Ethiopia. The falls are located approximately 30 km from the town of Bahir Dar








The Church of St. George, or ‘Bete Giyorgis’, one of eleven monolithic churches in the city of Lalibela, Ethiopia. The church was carved from volcanic rock in the twelfth century.




H. Sahyoun:






In one of the clubs in Beirut City in my beloved country Lebanon, July 2010











Nature is what I love best .. in the Cedar Mountains of Lebanon











Indulging my senses in Venezia, Italy, Feb 2011











On my birthday in Ehden, North Lebanon, July 2010