New Student Photo Series 2012 – Post #8

Photo submissions continue to roll in for our new student photo series.  If you are an incoming student and wish to share your photos on our blog, please review this entry for details on how to submit your photos.


Today’s first set of photographs were submitted by incoming MIA student, Lauren Sprott



Abseiling down a waterfall during a canyoning trip in Dalat, Vietnam










Enjoying the expansiveness of the desert while on camel safari in Jaisalmer, India







Promoting U.S. agricultural products during a food show and competition in Hangzhou, China








Trying to make it back home via tuk-tuk after a storm during monsoon season in Phnom Penh, Cambodia








The second set of photographs were submitted by Kristen Jestin, an incoming MIA student.


In front of Le Sénat, in Paris, France, where I am from.










Under a row of cherry blossoms in Seoul, South Korea where I lived for 5 months last year.











With my grandfather at Lincoln Center, in New York City where I have been living for the past three years to attend Barnard College.