New Student Photo Series 2012 – Post#4

Photo submissions continue to roll in for our new student photo series.  If you are an incoming student and wish to share your photos on our blog, please review this entry for details on how to submit your photos.


The first set of photos today was submitted by Christina Hawatmeh, an incoming MIA student.


Helen Thomas stands to honor the late Anthony Shadid (whose whole family was present) at the Gala for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s National Convention (considered to be one of the largest political and social gatherings of Arab Americans in the country).  June 21-24, 2012


The photo is of GSAPP students and myself meeting with the Mayor of Abween, West Bank during The Riwaq Summer Internship Program, which was held for the first time during the month of August 2011. The program, led by GSAPP Adjunct Assistant Professor, Craig Konyk, involved nine GSAPP students working on the documentation, rehabilitation, and development of the architectural heritage of Deir Ghassaneh (Bani Zeid) in the West Bank, located approximately 25 kilometers northwest of Ramallah.  I was privileged to visit and develop the internship program as CUMERC’s GSAPP Program Officer.  Photo was taken in Abween, West Bank


The picture is with Amr Moussa, who most recently ran for Egyptian President.  Trip Sponsorship to Cairo as a participant as a US Youth Ambassador for the First Arab Expatriates Conference entitled, “A Bridge for Communication,” hosted by Secretary General (Dec. 2010).  Photo was taken at the Arab League Headquarters, Cairo, Egypt



The second set of photos was submitted by Anne Bergman, an incoming MIA student.


This photo was taken from our hot air balloon as we drifted from our launch site in the U.A.E. over the deserts of Oman.


I took this photo on our final ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro this past January.  As we rounded this bend we watched the sun rise over the massive glacier atop the mountain – phenomenal!


Each Sunday, U.N. Peacekeepers (primarily of Pakistani origin), would cross the border from Goma, D.R.C. to neighboring Rwanda.  On this particular Sunday, they challenged a group of European travelers to a beach volleyball match.