Commencement and visiting SIPA this week

Next week (May 14th– 17th) the Columbia University campus will be bustling with commencement activities.  Graduation is a time of celebration, reflection and also particularly limited access to campus. A Columbia University ID card is required to enter campus only at specific points and during specific times. Guests of graduating students must have a ticket and graduating students must arrive at the appointed time to line up and prepare to walk onto the great lawn for the ceremony.

President Obama is the commencement speaker for Barnard College on Monday, May 14th on the great lawn. As a result, campus security is heightened and many streets will be closed off to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

As you can imagine, a lot of planning, preparation and execution is required for such a large event and Columbia’s great lawn will hold hundreds of people for multiple events before the week is over. Commencement week 2012 is a website dedicated specifically to provide information about the graduation ceremonies being held all week.  You can even catch some of the commencement festivities on the campus webcam.

As a result, we advise anyone planning to visit SIPA during this time to make alternate arrangements. You are welcome to call our office or send an email to receive answers to your inquiries or make other visiting arrangements.

The commencement ceremony for SIPA is being held on Thursday, May 17th. We wish our students the absolute best of luck and congratulations!!