Today at SIPA

Spring in New York City is lovely.  We have beautiful weather —

Temp: 78°F/ 26°C, Sunny.  Humidity: 46%. Wind: N 0 mph.

The SIPA Admissions & Financial Aid Office continues to respond to email inquiries and calls about enrollment and financial aid.   We’re also speaking with many prospective candidates thinking about pursuing their Masters at SIPA next year.  In fact, we are running an information session later this evening (and every Friday at 12Noon).  It’s never too early to start researching programs… and funding sources.

It was great meeting so many wonderful candidates last Tuesday at our Admitted Students’ Day– heard from a lot of people asking about financial aid — of course, we wish we had money to offer everyone to study at SIPA but the reality is our first year fellowship resources is very limited.  I always encourage folks to research external scholarships as early as possible especially if you are thinking about pursuing your graduate studies at SIPA.

Once you’re here, there’s plenty to keep you busy (see Molly’s earlier post).  This week students are working on their capstone projects and preparing for finals.  But some took time out of their busy schedules and went to the SIPA Gala … Follies is also coming up.

On that thought, I’m going to actually step away from my desk for a moment and stroll down Amsterdam Avenue for a bite to eat… and of course to enjoy the gorgeous weather.