Top 10 Tips for 2012 Application – #10 Reminding or Deleting Recommendation Letter Writers

Our online application system makes it easy to send reminder messages to those you have asked to compose letters of recommendation for your application to SIPA. You can also easily delete a recommender if it turns out they will not be able to submit a letter on your behalf.

All you have to do to perform these actions is to log into the application site with your PIN and password, click on the “Application for Admission” link on the top of the page and then click on the “Recommendations” link on the left menu.

When you click on the “Recommendations” link you will be taken to a new window. Then click on the “Recommendation Provider List” button and you will see the following (above this text will be the names of the recommenders with a blank box next to each name):

To resend a reminder message simply put a check in the blank box next to the recommender(s) name and then click on the “resend” button and an automated message will go out to email address of the recommender you have placed a check mark next to. Please do note that it is a good idea to let recommenders know to look for an email message Apply Yourself.

If you wish to delete a recommender simply click their name and hit the “Delete” button. After doing this you will then be able to add a new recommender.