Recommender Link on the Admission Application

We field our fair share of questions regarding letters of recommendation and we will offer specific advice regarding letter content and choice of recommenders in some future blog entries.  To get the recommender conversation started I just wanted to highlight where the letter of recommendation section can be found in the online application.

Most of the data input for the application follows a “tree” starting with “Getting Started” and finishing with the checklist (see the white text below “Application for Admission” in the following screen shot).

Some applicants will cruise through the tree of information and then wonder where to input their recommender information.  Although the recommender link is in view, it is easy to miss.  Take a look at the screen shot above and see the end of the red arrow.  To enter the name and information pertaining to your recommenders just click on “Recommendations” and read the instructions and input the appropriate information.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

  • Each applicant must choose three recommenders – no more, no less.
  • Recommender information can be entered at any time.  Once you start an application you can enter the recommender information as soon as you like.  Note that when you enter the information and submit it the recommender will receive an email a very short time later with instructions on how to submit their letter.  You might want to let them know ahead of time that the email is coming.
  • An applicant does not need to wait for recommenders to submit their information prior to submitting the application.  There is no problem with an application being submitted before all of the recommendations have been submitted.  The opposite is true as well – there is no problem with a recommender submitting a letter before the application is submitted.

We will have more specific letter of recommendation advice in future entries.  The main purpose of this entry is to clarify where the information can be found.