2012 Application is Now Live

The title of this post pretty much says it all.  The application for 2012 admission consideration is now available and we encourage applicants to get started by clicking here to begin the application.  We use the same application for all our programs, except for one.  For the PhD application please click here.

Program deadlines do differ so please see this page for details on all of our deadlines.

There is no rush to complete the application right away, however by logging in and clicking around you can become familiar with the steps you will need to complete and with the application interface.  You can also view all of our requirements in one place by clicking here.

Most importantly, stay tuned to this blog for application advice.  We will be covering lots of topics related to submitting the most competitive application possible.

Also, if you started an application in the past and plan to continue working on it, please review any information previously submitted carefully.  We have made some modifications to the application and reviewing your previous information submitted will ensure that you submit the appropriate and correct information we need to review your application.

One final note, while we welcome applicants to begin filling in the application we are still cleaning up one item – the PDF that applicant’s can view prior to submitting the application.  As a final check we give applicants the opportunity to view the entire application as a PDF (minus recommendation letters) before submitting it to check for errors.  We should have the few remaining changes made within five business days so while it is unlikely that applicants will submit the application right away, if you are eager and do complete the process and notice a few fields that are blank on the PDF, we are working to correct this.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you complete the process.