Picture This

SIPA students have a lot of talent that they express in different ways and recent graduate Lenny Pridatko (SIPA 2011), has launched columbiauniversitycampus.com with photographs of Columbia University. He is currently working on his first picture book, Columbia University in Pictures. He hopes to make a career out of making picture books.

Pridatko came to SIPA in January 2009, with an interest in merging photography and international relations. A year later, he launched his first photography website, lennypridatko.com, and soon afterward, began working on a Columbia University picture book, a first in the university’s history. At SIPA, he concentrated in Management and became the school’s honorary photographer at events and parties.

Samantha McCann, 2nd year MPA, joined Pridatko on the project in May 2011, to help write text for and edit the book. (Pridatko avoids writing at all cost). McCann is Editor-in-Chief of SIPA’s bi-weekly newspaper, Communiqué, and is specializing in media and communications. This is her second book project, but her first contribution to a photography book.  Enjoy a few of his photos.