New Student Photo Series 2011 – #28

At this point in time this is the last submission of photos from incoming students that we have received, and Orientation starts on Monday.  Thank you to everyone that made contributions throughout the summer.  We might post some more photos in the future . . . if new students decide to set aside class and social time to submit more.

Jesse Alejandro Cottrell  MIA 2013

Photo Descriptions:

4th of July Float (Salem, NY): This picture was taken during Salem, New York’s 2011 4th of July parade. Artists in residence at Salem Art Works (SAW), the artist colony where I serve as Associate director and Development Coordinator, sit atop and stand upon a dry sauna created by Jonas Lindberg, an artist in residence at SAW. From the sidelines, parade goers gawk and demand candy.

Taken during a show by The Big Fatt at Brooklyn’s Trash Bar. I am the singer and guitar player. The unseen audience is sated by the open bar and free tater tots, which undoubtedly make our music sound better.

Iron Pour SAW 1 and 2 (Salem, NY): Pouring iron into sculptural forms is a monthly occurrence at Salem Art Works (SAW).

The artist colony where I serve as Associate Director and Development Coordinator. Iron poured at SAW reaches temperatures above 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Artists from across the United States and Europe travel to Salem to pour iron.