New Student Photo Series 2011 – #27

It is hard to believe Orientation for new MIA and MPA students is one week away.  Enjoy some more of the photos submitted by incoming students.

Tori Fahey, incoming MIA student.

Cairo, Egypt

This was the beginning of a journey that took me 12,000kms, through ten countries, across a continent over the course of the first four months of 2011. When I look at this photo I can relive the elation and anticipation that I felt as I embarked on a journey that would open my eyes to many new people, places and ideas.

Just outside of Livingstone, Zambia

During my trip across Africa, a few of my friends rode a bit too close to an elephant at the side of the road. Sometimes adventure can present unexpected risks and you have to be ready to react.

Antelope Wells, New Mexico

This photo was taken this summer at the end of a bike trip from Canada to the Mexican border, self-supported, off-road, along the continental divide. During the voyage, I encountered long stretches of snow, narrowly averted hypothermia, crossed flooded rivers, climbed many mountain passes, ran out of food and water during a heat wave in the desert. It was strange combination of magic and misery and, by far, my proudest achievement. There are some things that are better to have done than to do. As you can see, I’m happy to be finished.

– – – – – –

Alex Lee – MIA

I prefer to let photos speak for themselves, so descriptions are very brief.  All photos are from 2011.

Graffiti archaeology – Taken on Lafayette Street near Grand.  Layered graffiti from multiple artists on and around the same street-side door.

Blossoms – Taken at a festival celebrating Asian culture in Washington, DC.  Hanging decorations add to the already-bright atmosphere at the lotus gardens.

Sword dancers – Taken at the same festival in DC.  Traditional Korean dance form mimicking swordplay.