New Student Photo Series 2011 – #26

We are close to winding down the incoming student photos series.  Thank you to all of those that have helped to add life to the blog over the summer!

Christian Loubeau – MIA-Economic and Political Development.

The first photo was taken in the White Desert in Egypt during the summer of 2010.  I was in the desert for an overnight camping trip and we were checking out white rock formations that resembled people and animals.  My friend took this photo of me at dusk next to a formation known as Chicken Mountain.

This photo was taken in Caracas, Venezuela when I lived there in the fall of 2007.  President Chavez spoke at this rally a few hours after the photo was taken.  At the time President Chavez was rallying his supporters to back a referendum that would, among many items, abolish presidential term limits.  I like the dignified look of hope on the woman’s face while the man stands tall contemplating what lies ahead.  There were several points of contention regarding the referendum and I think the overcast skies speak to the stormy path that lies ahead.  Although the referendum was at one point expected to pass rather easily, it was defeated about a month after this picture was taken.

This photo was taken on the Great Wall of China during the summer of 2010.  My friend and I squeezed this quick trip in on our last night in Beijing.  I didn’t have much time to visit the wall as I had to catch a flight later that night yet we managed to find a moment to clown around.  This part of the wall was on a steep incline so I was able to lean forward without any support.

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Hello, my name is Marisol Alarcón, an incoming MDP. I’m from Ecuador/Chile and had the great opportunity to work in slums from different countries in Latin America. Apart from the overwhelming poverty, I have also seen beautiful, contrasting sights and met amazing and strong people. These pictures are just a glimpse of what I have seen these past years.

Family Canaan: This family represents the many families living in Canaan, the camp city 5 miles up north from Port-au-Prince. Their smiles and bright eyes were always surprising.

13 de Julio: This boy lives in the slum 13 de Julio, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is playing naturally surrounded by trash and houses made with waste materials.  The dirt on his skin is his regular condition, not the result of one day on the play ground like it would be for most of us. This place is only minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires, one of the largest metropolitan cities in the region.

Favela Padroiera: This girl is washing the dishes after our lunch together.  She lives in the Slum Padroeira, on the outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The photo shows the incredible overcrowding of the favelas and the hard living conditions the families must face.