New Student Photo Series 2011 – #25

More incoming student photos today . . .

Stephanie Chang, incoming MIA Student

La Bodeguita Del Medio, Havana, Cuba – A bartender makes our mojitos, Hemmingway’s preferred drink, at this exact bar he famously frequented while living in Cuba, La Bodeguita Del Medio.  A portrait of Hemminway is on the wall behind the bartender.  This picture was taken this past March, when I was on a Spring Break trip to Cancun and we spontaneously decided to take a detour and see what Cuba actually looks like.

Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia – This is the view from the top of The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia.  The Three Sisters are a set of three large rock formations.  You can’t see the rocks in this photo, but they are just to the right of me.  The hike trail involves 900 steps, leading to a river at the bottom.  The view is definitely worth the climb!

Santa Monica Pier, California – This is my favorite destination to run to when I jog around my neighborhood.  Santa Monica Pier is usually packed with tourists, but the walk and bike paths are pretty serene in the mornings.  I’ve had the luxury of traveling a lot in the past years, and for my last summer before I move to New York, I’ve tried to spend as much time as I can relishing unique aspects I love about living in Los Angeles.

Once I move to NYC I will most sorely miss the warm ocean breezes and and the ability to run freely outside in sunny weather!

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Holly Sue Hatfield, an incoming MPA-DP student.

Lindon, UT:  I work for the Princess Festival – an event that started as a fundraiser for the charity I work for, but has since become its own private business.  This is a picture from this year’s King’s Daddy-Daughter Grand Ball that we held in Lindon, UT.  The girl up front is a new princess character we created, Princess Mila, and she’s doing a storytelling  for the girls.  Between the two Kings on the stage you’ll see His Excellency Elkanah Odembo, Ambassador of Kenya to the US.  Yes, the Ambassador comes to our princess parties, and yes, we make him sit on the stage.  <grin>  The Princess Festival only has two employees, but has over 350 volunteers that put on the annual event, including a cast of over 60 fairy-tale characters, both classic and new.

Lindon, UT:  I’m the youngest of 8 kids, and I have 44 nieces and nephews; 36 of them are under the age of ten and 38 of the grandkids are girls  (ergo the creation of the Princess Festival).  It’s utter insanity.  When family gets together, though, there’s one thing we can count on – my 63 year-old dad giving his full attention to the kids.  Here he is playing volleyball with a bunch of 5 year-old girls who have no idea what volleyball is or how it is played – so they’re all standing there cluelessly.  But if you look closely, you’ll see the best part of the picture: dad’s casually wearing a headband with cat ears.  Nobody knows why.

Somewhere around Nakuru, Kenya

I’m kind of afraid of birds.  So at this rest-stop park in Kenya, my dad dared me to try and touch one of these crazy big birds.  You can see me in the red dress trying to sneak up on them; I never even get close (ha ha).  I’m sure the Kenyans in the park were as intrigued with the muzungu girl tiptoeing around as I was with the creepy birds.