2012 Application Notes

Here are a few notes regarding the application and information gathering process for 2012 admission.

1. Although it is possible to access our online application at this time we do not plan on going live until September 1st.  We are still making minor changes to the data input fields.  If you have started an application recently we recommend that you not enter additional data at this time.  When the application goes live those that have started an application will not have to create a new PIN and password – log in information that has been created can still be used.  To see a comprehensive list of our application requirements please click here.

2. Our recruiting schedule for the fall is still a work in progress and we hope to have everything scheduled by September 1st.  If you want to view the in progress schedule click here.

3. We will feature a series of entries that offer advice on topics related to applying on the blog so stay tuned.

4. SIPA students returning from their summer internships will be posting entries to the blog in the fall and this is a great way to learn about professional development.

5.  Information on the class starting this fall will be posted after classes start.  To see a list of the colleges/universities attended by those that started last fall click here and former employers of the class that started last fall can be accessed by clicking here.