2012 Personal Statement Topics

The Admissions Committee recently finalized the personal statement topics that will be used for the 2012 application cycle.  Responses to the three topics below are required to apply to the two-year, full-time MIA, MPA, and MPA-DP programs, the one-year Program in Economic Policy Management Program (PEPM), and the Executive MPA  program (EMPA).

Only one program will not follow the three topic format.  Applicants to the one-year Program in Environmental Science and Policy (PESP) will be required to only address the first topic and will have 1,000 words to do so.  PESP applicants should not address topics 2 or 3.

Advice on composing responses to the topics will be addressed in future blog entries so make sure you are subscribed to the blog to keep up with updates.

First Topic (500 Word Maximum)

What distinct impact do you hope to have on the world in the future? Please be as clear as possible about your future goals, the policy/public service issue(s) you are passionate about, and your personal motivation(s). Be sure to include details regarding the features of SIPA that you believe are integral to helping you in your pursuits and what skills you need to develop to achieve a lasting impact.

Second Topic (300 Word Maximum)

Please CHOOSE ONE of these options to write about – do not address both, pick one or the other.

1.    A competition is being conducted that will provide one million dollars as seed funding to start a new organization.  The competition requires a 300 word essay/statement.  Compose a 300 word essay/statement to submit in order to be considered for this seed funding.

2.    You have just read a news story that has deeply moved you.  Compose a 300 word response in the form of a letter to the editor.  The news story you are responding to can be real or fictional and does not need to be limited to the present time – it can be framed in the past, present, or future.

Third Topic (200 Word Maximum)

Please share any additional information about yourself that you believe would be of interest to the Admissions Committee. Please focus on information that is not already reflected in the other parts of your application or might not be clear in the information submitted.