New Student Photo Series 2011 – Post #20

Today we feature more pictures submitted by incoming students.

Name: Nicole Margaretten

Degree Program: MIA

Pinar Del Río Province, Western Cuba.  Two boys were playing hide and seek next to their small, neon blue farmhouse. The stoic oxen and hand painted grave reminded me of The Grapes of Wrath while the giggling children capture the heart of Cuba.

A plaza in La Habana Vieja, Old Havana – I noticed a small boy pedaling ferociously across the plaza as I stood on the balcony of an artist’s studio. Quickly jumping behind a white column I waited for the perfect moment.

The sky was drizzling over thousands of tiny statues. I had traveled from Tokyo to Kamakura to visit the Little Statues of Jizo. The statues pictured covered a large stone wall while thousands of smaller gray figurines filled the gardens and flowed into the walkways. Many were clothed to stay warm and lovingly surrounded by vibrant flowers and pinwheels. At first appearance the shrine resembles a magical garden, until one learns that Jizo is the patron boddhisatva of travelers and lost children. Each statue was placed by a mother who lost a child to miscarriage or abortion.

– – – – – –
Name – Jaivardhan Singh

Degree Program – MPA-DP

Location – An election rally in Madhya Pradesh, India. Description – India…. the world’s largest democracy.

Location – Bihar, India.  Description – The floods in Bihar which affected over 2.3 million people were one of the worst in Indian history. Here you can see a family which was rendered homeless by the swelling waters of the Kosi river.

Location – Satpura National Park, Madai, Madhya Pradesh, India.  Description – A group of disciplined geese in height order……