Columbia Greenmarket

While SIPA is located in a large city, there are opportunities to connect with farmers and other small business owners that do not reside in the “concrete jungle.”  Each Thursday and Sunday on Broadway between 114th and 116th the sidewalk is filled with vendors selling delicious goods.  The following text comes from the Grow NYC Web site and I took the picture while riding into work last week – it was early so the crowds had yet to arrive.

Open year-round on Thursdays and Sundays, this market located just in front of the Columbia University gates on Broadway at 115th St.,  serves a diverse population including university students, faculty and staff, St Luke’’s Hospital staff, visitors and patients as well as Upper West Side residents. While several of the farmers attend on both Thursday and Sunday, each day has its own distinct character. Thursday’s market thrives on the bustle of the work and school day schedule, while Sundays are more laid back and neighbors come out to do serious shopping.  Shoppers will find milk and yogurt, fruit, cider, baked goods, preserved fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, smoked meats, pickled vegetables, maple syrup, honey, fish, and focaccia topped with locally sourced fruit, vegetables, herbs and cheeses, a lunch time favorite.