Summer Reading – Part 8

A few more incoming students have passed along content for summer reading/following.  If you are an incoming student and you want your information published see here for details.  If you want to find all the Summer Reading entries, simply type “Summer Reading” in the Search bar over in the right hand menu and they will all be on one page.

Stephanie Chang (Incoming MIA)


Chris Planicka (Incoming MPA-DP)


Juan Manuel Rodilla (Incoming MIA)

Blog:  A blog (In Spanish) containing different development approaches: Rural Participatory Appraisal, Right-Based Approach, Power studies, Gender, etc. The project of the blog was developed by me for the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the approaches, tools and study-cases are developed by different researchers. Maybe could be interesting for other SIPA students who speak Spanish –

Emmania Rodriguez (Incoming MPA)